Currently there are two documentaries available for personal, research and educational purposes.

Featuring: Paul Devereux, John Michell, Nigel Pennick, John Steele, Martin Brennan, Harry Oldfield
Directed by Vakasha Brenman

Why did the ancients build sacred sites around our planet circles, pyramids, henges, standing stones? Why did they make massive use of crystals? Constructs leys? Develop geomancy and use sacred geometry all over the world? These subjects are defined in this documentary film.

The world-renowned researchers and philosophers carrying on the pioneer work in Earth Mysteries in Britain are developing a new science – “Geosophy” – meaning “Earth Wisdom” from Gaia, the Greek goddess for earth, and Sophia, wisdom. They are rediscovering knowledge from the remote past, which can bring new understanding to modern problems, new knowledge of our planet earth and our relation to it.

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Featuring: John Steele
Directed by Vakasha Brenman

Following a 12-year exploration of sacred sites in the British Isles, John Steele developed his “archaeology of the mind”, a new science based on the ancient wisdom of Geomancy, our conscious interaction with the earth tradition which we inhabit and which gives us life. In the ancient tradition the earth itself was a living organism. Today we suffer from Geomantic Amnesia, forgetting that our planet is interactive with and responsive to consciousness.

In this video John Steele teaches us how we have come to forget who we are, how we can awaken, truly remember, and so change our lives. In fascinating detail he explains memory, time, Gaia, sacred geometry, the four great ages or yugas, the levels of consciousness, double forgetting and double remembering, and presents a unique project for heightening sensory and mental self-awareness through New Age Education.

John Steele was a visiting lecturer in Archaeology at the School of Environmental Studies, University of London. Co-founder with Paul Deveruex of the Dragon Project, a 10-year investigation of subtle earth energies, such as geomagnetism, radioactivity and ultrasonics, at sacred sites.


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